Constantly self-optimizing based on real-time forecasting via our AI core.


Taking over low-value tasks such as data consolidation and number crunching.


Yielding better fulfillment, lower working capital and higher earnings.


Enterprise SW Solutions are failing Planning & Analysis

Focus on interventions early on when decisions are most impactful. Let the system take care of data cleansing, harmonization and the calculation of forecasts.

With KAPUA you will analyze and forecast thousands of business KPIs every day, discover risks and opportunities instantly, and have the time and the tools needed to prepare the best possible decision in a given situation. You will mitigate the risks and capture the opportunities.

The forecaster's role for demand, finance, marketing and sales planning is ever evolving. With KAPUA AI based planning systems it shifts to the center of decision support and guidance for the corporation on an ongoing base.

Tangible results follow; An increase of forecast accuracy by only 15% can lead to an increase of EBIT of 3% of the revenue; for a business area with yearly revenue of US$ 50M, hence savings of up to US$ 1.52M (*).

(*) according to the Institute of Business Forecasting & Planning.



KAPUA is the World's First Turnkey Solution that is Fully AI Enabled!

KAPUA’s Artificial Intelligence engine is continuously forecasting, taking the most recent actual data into consideration. We improve accuracy on an ongoing basis. Algorithms are fully managed by KAPUA and constantly re-trained using your organization internal data as well as market research information. Tedious tasks like number crunching or data harmonization are taken over by the AI core which analyzes all the available data, billions of data points, before rendering the output in easy-to-use dashboards.

We take care of the data science, you take care of running and improving your business. Your experts focus on decisions that can be taken to improve the business, on scenario planning and on simulations:

What risks are likely to occur? How can they be addressed early on? What can the company do to increase the growth? What is the expected impact of a specific decision? Is there a misalignment between the financial and the operational plan and what can be done to reconcile them?



The Next Generation of Forecasting and Planning Solutions.

Our applications are based on the most powerful Artificial Intelligence frameworks: they are built for massive cloud environments, and they scale on demand virtually indefinitely, at great performance. We use Deep Learning to forecast supply chain, marketing, sales and financial KPIs.

  • We incorporate internal data such as sales orders, invoicing information and other transactional data points as well as external data (e.g. market research, panels, surveys, market trends, exchange rates, and other economic data).
  • We identify thousands, hundreds of thousands or potentially millions of different objects worth looking into. We build and train thousands of neural networks in parallel that are fully managed by KAPUA. We identify all developments that are relevant for a business area, while keeping all the complexity of AI away from the user. Every company can use KAPUA.
  • Analysts use the freed-up time for high-value activities that make a difference; scenario-based planning and simulation of business decisions.
  • KAPUA systems make the organization nimbler, forecasts are available much earlier in time, the employee's work is more fulfilling and the business is more successful.


The Right Team To Make It Happen!

Originally started as a Stanford Sloan Fellows project, we bring decades of experience in Finance, Marketing and Enterprise Business Process Software. We create extraordinary value for our customers, and we have done this in the past for hundreds of customers all over the world.

Support for planning professionals is an area where there has been way too little innovation among software vendors. We are determined to change this.

With a passion for next-gen enterprise software and our customers, we are committed to bring constant value to your organization!




Learn from data, constantly improve the accuracy and the usability.


Support the decision making, simulate impact of actions (promotions, headcount, changes, etc.) without the need of being or becoming a data scientist.


Significantly reduce planning and analysis lead-time from months to days. Enable companies to address risks and spot growth opportunities instantly.

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